The Smart Alternative To An Estate Sale

In one simple step, we pick up and sell your estate items

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Welcome to the revolutionary estate sale alternative

All-in-one service
Convenient and fast pick up
Fully licensed and insured

Remoov is the all-in-one estate sale solution.
We pick up everything that you want to sell, donate and recycle, including furniture, electronics, clothing, décor, etc, and handle it for you.

Why is Remoov the smart alternative to estate liquidators?

Remoov’s multi channel selling strategy offers you

Remoov provides more value for your items than estate and consignment selling

Pick up

•Flexible and convenient scheduling
•Affordable, one time pick up fee
•Quick turnaround time


•Items professionally appraised
•Marketed through multiple storefronts (including our own) offering a much wider audience + better overall results.


•Items that reach the end of consignment may be donated, offering them a new life
•You receive a tax-deductible donation receipt


•Items not suitable for resale or donation are taken to our network of disposal centers for responsible decommission (instead of ending up in a landfill).

Easy steps you can
start today

Get a Free Estimate

Submit photos via our website or text to
+ (415) 857 - 2791. You will receive an estimate within 24 hours from our customer care agent.

Schedule Pickup

Book a pickup at your convenience location. We charge a pickup fee based on the volume of items collected.

Check Dashboard

After your pickup you will receive a link to your online Dashboard though which you will be able to track the status of individual items.

What our customers
are saying

“I lost my grandma last year and was left dealing with her house because I’m the only one that lives out there. During a difficult time like this, I didn’t need anymore added.”

Tania, San Francisco

“I have a full time job, and going through all of these items was emotionally and physically draining and taking up all my spare time. Remoov took care of everything.”

Mike, Palo Alto

“I discovered Remoov and found out they pick up everything up front and then see items on your behalf. I had my schedule pickup in less than a week. Their service was a hug relief.”

Jess, San Francisco

Remoov is the clear choice for
Estate Liquidation
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