How do I get my stuff removed?
Request a free in-home consultation by clicking on the Get Started link on our home page.
How do you determine the cost for the pickup?
The cost of the pickup is determined by the total volume of picked up items, including items for sale, donation and discard. We calculate the cost of the pickup on 1/8 increments based on standard 24-foot box truck. We will pack items as much as possible, while ensuring that items intended for resale and donations are not damaged during traffic. There are two pricing areas: “In-Area”, which includes San Francisco and the Peninsula (down to Mountain View), and “Extended”, which includes Marin, the East Bay and the southern Peninsula. View our Service Area for more information.
How big is your truck?
We use a standard 24-foot box truck, similar to the one usually used by professional moving companies. It is a larger truck than the one you would typically rent.
What if I need more than one truck?
We can certainly do pickups that are larger than one truck, and often do. Pickup fee is simply summed up using the chart above.
How can I estimate the size of a pickup?
Our 24-foot truck has ~1,500 cubic foot of storage space which can usually hold the belongings of a 2-3 bedroom home. View our pickup estimate guide.
Why do you charge a pickup fee?
Moving isn’t cheap; between labor, truck, gas, insurance and many other costs, it is very expensive to provide the full service we offer.
When do I pay for the pickup?
You will receive an invoice for your pickup a day or two after your pickup after our team is able to determine any applicable disposal fees.
Will I make my pickup fee money back?
That depends on the items. The vast majority of our customers receive more than their original pickup fee from the sale of the items. However, if we pick up mostly donation or low-value items, it is possible you may not recoup your full pickup fee back. However, nothing was put to waste, as you will still have a clutter-free home and receive the fair value for your items.
What items do you accept?
We accept everything including furniture, electronics, art, jewelry, clothing, toys, sporting goods, appliances, etc. The only items we don't accept are bio-hazardous or toxic waste, including paint, weapons and trash.
Do you accept mattresses, bedding items and children's safety items?
We do accept these mattresses and bedding items. Unfortunately, due to California consumer protection laws, we cannot sell used bedding equipment such as mattresses, cribs, sofa beds, air beds and recliners, meaning these items will be recycled/discarded. We also accept baby cribs and car seats; however, for liability reasons, we cannot resell them and thus they will be donated.
Do you help with the packing?
We expect everything to be packed and ready when we arrive for our pickup. Unfortunately, our pickup team cannot help with packing. If you need help packing and getting your items ready before your pickup time, please either let your in-home consultant know or email us at support@remoovit.com so we can help find a professional organizer to assist you.
Will you provide me a list of the items that are collected?
After your pickup, you will receive an email with a link to your Dashboard. In this Dashboard, you will be able to view an itemized list and status for all your items. This list will get updated as your items get curated and as the items sell and/or get donated.
What if I want to add or remove items from my pickup?
That is not a problem at all--the pickup cost we provided is just an estimate. After the pickup, you will be invoiced for the actual volume collected. You can add or remove items to your pickup even after your consultation. If you will be adding or removing either large items or large quantities of items, please let us know beforehand so that we can plan accordingly. If items are added after the consultation or without receiving a resale estimate from Remoov prior to the pickup, the owner agrees to accept the resale assessment that will be completed after the items are collected and understands that these items may be set for donation or disposal.
Why do you charge separately for disposal?
Remoov's pickup fee is low compared to junk hauling companies because our focus is on helping you get money for the items that have resale value. Recycling/disposal is an added service to offer the full decluttering convenience to our customers. The disposal fee simply covers the cost we are charged by the recycling companies. Even with this fee, the cost for Remoov to dispose items is the same or lower than junk removal services.
What percentage of the sale price do I get?
You receive 50% of the gross resale price of the item, even if a reseller sells the item.
Who gets the tax receipt for the donated items?
The owner of the items gets the receipt from all donated items. Receipts will be provided before tax season.
How do you determine whether an item will be sold?
After your consultation, you will receive an estimate regarding which of your items will be placed under Consignment Sale, Lot Sale, Donation or Recycle. Our curators, together with our consultants, make the assessment on each item.
How is the sales price determined?
The Curators set the resale price range for consignment items relying on their category expertise and historical sales data. These items will be priced to sell at a fair market value. We've also partnered with expert resellers, including auction houses, antique and consignment stores, who have deep knowledge of niche markets and a captive buyer base to sell many of the higher-end items we receive.

Lot Sale items will be sold together as a lot via a 7-day online auction. We work with a premier online auction company to present and market each lot. Each lot starts with a minimum bid of $1.

Given our fee structure, our incentive is to sell what can be reasonably sold.
How long is the consignment period?
Consignment items have a 90-day resale period. Lot Sale items will be sold via a 7-day auction.
How long does it take to sell my items?
Selling Consignment items depends on the category, style, condition and market demand. We start selling this item at the higher-end of their resale price estimate and slowly reduce the price during the resale period. Some items may sell within a week and other may take the entire consignment period.

Lot Sale items are sold together via a 7-day online auction. Lots auctions are held in 2-week cycles.
Will all my items get sold?
Our goal is to sell everything set as Consignment or Lot Sale. On average about 80% of consignment items sell during the consignment period and an additional 10% sell via the auction after the consignment period ends. 95% of Lot Sales sell, but the sales price varies depending on the items included.
What if my item doesn't sell?
When the Resale Period ends, Owners will be notified and may elect to have the items sold via auction, donated or returned.
How does the auction work?
Items included in the auction start at a bid price of $1. The Owner understands the risk that items may sell for lower than expected during the auction and accepts the final price for the item. Items included in the auction that do not sell will be offered for donation without requiring additional approval from the Owner. Items that are not accepted for donation will be responsibly discarded.
To which organization are items donated?
We have a close relationship with St. Vincent de Paul Society, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity. If you have a specific request, please let us know.
What if I want one of my items returned?
If the item has not been sold, we're happy to help get it back to you. Items can be picked up at no charge from our warehouse during regular business hours.
How do I change or cancel my pickup appointment?
You can change or cancel your pickup appointment up to 24 hours before it is due by clicking on the 'Reschedule my appointment' or 'Cancel my appointment' link in your pickup confirmation email. You can also reach us at 415-857-2791. If you want to reschedule or cancel with less than 24-hour notice, an additional $50 fee will be charged.
I am unsatisfied with my pickup. Who should I contact?
We strive to always offer the best for our customers. If you are unsatisfied or would like to notify us of a problem, as well as anything else you would like to let us know about, please email us at contact@remoovit.com.