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How It Works

Our full-service offering makes it simple to upcycle and declutter

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Submit photos

We use the photos you submit to determine the pickup volume and assess which items can be resold, donated or disposed.

You can submit photos on our website, via text or, for large pickups, we can do an in-home appointment at your location to take the photos. Make sure to include information such as the brand, original price, and age of your more valuable items.

Get Estimate & Schedule

You will receive the estimate, including the cost of the pickup and a resale decision of your items, within one business day. If you believe an item was incorrectly appraised or if you need to add/remove items you can click on the Update Estimate button.

You can book your pickup by clicking the link in your text/e-mail.

Pickup Date

Our team will arrive during the window you selected. You will receive a text notification when the team is about a half hour from your location.

If you need to add items the team lead can add them by sending a photo to our quick appraisal team.

At the end of the pickup you will be able to pay for the pickup via credit card.

Progress After Pickup

You will receive an email with a link to your Dashboard where you can track the status of your items and cash out on sales. When you receive this email make sure to log in and verify that everything that was collected is listed. Also, please add any additional information for the resale items that may help us selling the items such as brand, original price, etc.
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