We make it easy to help make our world more sustainable when it's time to move, downsize or update a home

Remoov is the hassle-free alternative to estate liquidation, consignment selling and junk hauling. Join the movement to make the world we live in more sustainable.

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With one click, we pick everything that your client wants to sell, donate, and recycle including furniture, electronics, art, clothing, etc. You book today, we pick up tomorrow - that easy.
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Partner Program
Remoov partners with the most successful realtors. Your clients will have an exclusive discount and earn cash while you will be providing them with a stress-free moving process.
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Know of someone that needs our help?

With one pickup we collect  everything in the home that is unwanted and then sell, donate or dispose of it responsibly.

Offer people in your network a discount on the service and make a 10% commission.  People you refer also receive 50% of the resale value for sold items and donation receipts.

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How it Works

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Submit photos
Upload photos of the items to be collected and we send an estimate with a few hours.
Schedule one pickup
We’ll get a team over as early as the next day to collect everything.
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We do the rest
We sell, donate and dispose of the items. The owner receives 50% of the value and donation receipts.
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Join the movement to help our planet

Remoov streamlines moving, downsizing and redesigning a home or office. Our Partners get access to special discounts for their network and earn commissions.

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What customers are saying

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“Remoov was fast and professional but most importantly, I felt safe having them move my stuff in my home.”

Hanna, San Francisco

“I lost my grandma last year and was left dealing with her house because I’m the only one that lives out there. During a difficult time like this, I didn’t need anymore added.”

Customer picture5 stars
Tania, San Francisco

“I discovered Remoov and found out they pick up everything up front and then see items on your behalf. I had my schedule pickup in less than a week. Their service was a hug relief.”

Customer picture5 stars
Jess, San Francisco

Remoov has upcycled >2,000 metric tons of items, ensuring they find a new home and not the landfill

Thanks to you, our environment impact so far is:
350 tons
of carbon dioxide
from the environment*
+200M liters
of water
600K kg
of O3 (smog)
*the main culprit in global warming-equivalent to what ~650,000 trees absorb in a year