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Remoov in Oakland. We pick up and sell, donate or recycle all your unwanted items.
Goodbye clutter, hello relief!
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Oakland residents, are you wondering...
How to sell your items easily in Oakland?
Call Remoov. Just send  pictures of everything you want Remoov’d. Please send individual photos of the items you think could be resold, however, you can take a ‘room shot’ for items you would like to donate and/or recycle. Start by uploading the pictures here (this is our preferred method), or you can text us the images at this number:

Bay Area:
415-969-4060   |   Phoenix: 602-609-6655   |   Sacramento: 916-250-1403

Photos are required to receive a pickup estimate. Do you have a full-estate or office clearout and the idea of taking photos of everything makes your heart race? Give us a call, we’re here to help.

Resellability is determined by three main factors: brand, condition, and current resale market for similar items. We also take into consideration the age of the item and our current inventory. We have a dedicated internal team that carefully considers each item you send us photos of. The more information you can send us about your items with your pictures, the better! If you would like to learn more about the items we accept please reference our Resale Guide.

Items are sold on consignment (sorry, we do not purchase outright). The consignment period ranges from 60 to 120 days depending on the value. Once collected items are sold through a variety of resale channels depending on the type, style and value, including our own marketplace and showroom.
How to find eco-friendly furniture options in Oakland?
Shop at Reperch we are located at: 2415 17th St, San Francisco. You can find pre-loved furniture and accessories at up to 90% off retail prices. First time shoppers can get a 25% discount on fixed price items.
How to declutter in Oakland?
Call Remoov. The cost of the pickup is determined by the volume of items collected. We calculate the cost in 1/8 increments based on a 24-foot box truck. When applicable, we do charge a recycling fee for items that will be disposed of. For items that can be resold Remoov will give you 50% of the selling price.

To learn more about the pickup cost in Oakland please check out our Pricing page.

How to sell your items easily in Oakland?
How to find eco-friendly furniture options in Oakland?
How to declutter in Oakland?
How to get rid of old furniture and electronics in Oakland?
The best place for TV recycling near you in Oakland?
Looking to get money for recycling your unwanted items in Oakland?

If the answer is a resounding YES, then Remoov is your local trusted removal service. Our responsible, friendly, and fully insured staff provides hassle-free service, saving you time while helping you turn a profit with the items you no longer want.
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From furniture removal, to home-downsizing, to garage clean outs, and office furniture selling, or simply becoming minimalist, Remoov’s Oakland team is your one-stop-service.

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#1 Goal: To SELL Your Items!
#2 Goal: Donate
#3 Goal: To Recycle Responsibly
How it Works
You receive 50% of the resale value of the items that are sold. If any of your items do not sell, Remoov is dedicated to ensuring that these items are responsibly reused through donation. We work with local non-profits to provide these items to others in need and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt. Rest assured all eligible items that are not sold are given a chance at a new life via our donation ecosystem.

Key Environmental Initiatives in Oakland

Oakland is committed to becoming a more sustainable city. The Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP) is working to move the City into decarbonizing buildings and transportation, strengthening the local economy, and empowering a community resilient against climate change all by the year 2030. The Sustainable Oakland Program oversees plan development, implementation, and tracking progress related to climate goals and targets, including its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and Carbon Neutrality goal.

One particularly important initiative Oakland has implemented and continues to refine is Material Consumption and Waste (MCW) efforts. This part of the program focuses on food and goods that are consumed, and when and how they are thrown away. Robust recycling and composting services are available citywide but products continue to end up in the landfill. The goal is to eliminate the disposal of organic materials to landfills and strengthen edible food recovery to feed the most food-insecure residents. The City envisions a thriving, low-carbon, local economy where residents can repair and reuse products easily and avoid unnecessary or redundant purchases. This is one of the United Nations’ main action steps for people around the world to take. It is something that everyone everywhere can do. REUSE is the number one main step in saving resources.



From zoo conversation, to park improvements projects, to the Golden Gate Audubon Society, to eco-education efforts, volunteers have an extremely wide array of choices when it comes to getting involved in environmentally sustainable endeavors in Oakland. Since there are so many to choose from, using the search tool provided by Volunteer Match will allow you to find the projects you have the most passion for. The Wildland Volunteer Network also has several dozen organizations you can browse when looking for your ideal eco-volunteer project. Besides volunteering, what is the most important way to get involved? Rescue, reuse, and recycle. Compost too!

Remoov has upcycled 2,000 metric tons of items and helped them find a new home and a new life.

Through our upcycling service we have been able to:
350 tons
of carbon dioxide
from the environment*
+200M liters
of water
600K kg
of O3 (smog)
*the main culprit in global warming-equivalent to what ~650,000 trees absorb in a year
Looking to move out of state, get organized at home or the office, or simply wondering how to get rid of stuff? We can help. We offer office and home removal services to the Bay area, including:
Remoov is the all-in-one upcycling service. With one pickup Remoov collects everything that you want to sell, donate and dispose, including furniture, electronics, decor, appliances and more. You receive 50% of the resale value as well as donation receipts
To get a free estimate go to to upload photos or call us at 415-857-2791.
Remoov is fully insured and has experience working with all types of projects from residential homes to small and large offices.